Diet & Weight Loss


How It Works:

Each of the 14 days you will complete three rounds of all four moves. You do each move for as long as the time given on the chart below shows without stopping. It starts at 25 seconds per move, and you work your way up to 90. Stick with it, and you’ll be dying to show off the results. Good luck!

How To Do The Moves:

  1. Plank Lift

A Find yourself in a traditional forearms plank, body should be parallel to the ground. B Lift your right leg. C Lift your left leg.

2.Jump Squat

A Stand with feet shoulder-width apart and hands in a fist out in front of you. B Jump straight up. CLand in a squat position, put weight in the heels and knees over toes.


A Find yourself in a V-sit, engaging your core for balance, holding your hands in a fits in front of you, and touching your knees and feet together. B Rotate your arms to the right and your knees to the left.C Rotate back the opposite way, arms to the left and knees to the right.

4.High Knees

A Place both hands out in front of you bringing one knee to the corresponding hand. B Jump up, switching knees mid-air. C Land with the opposite knee touching the corresponding hand.

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